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Inspirations Through Podcasting

With an EdCorp that already mastered working from home, the next step for the team at BW Creations was to create a digital product.

Students landed on starting a podcast to promote small businesses and young entrepreneurs and named it “Inspirations POD BW.”

I love that the students came up with this idea... and just ran with it. They developed questions to ask, set up zoom links, learned how to edit our sessions, and told me that it should be posted on Apple Podcasts. They are doing this outside of the school day too, within our BW Creations club, so it must be fun. ~Kristy Frohliger

The students have enjoyed starting a podcast and have had a rich learning experience because of it. They work together to develop interview questions, manage the interview through Zoom virtual meetings, and then edit the final product. One team member, Ethan, has been taking initiative to edit the podcasts, even while working from home.

I am grateful that I get to also edit the podcast! It is a really great experience. ~ Ethan, 6th grade student
I love interviewing new people and seeing what they do for their business! ~Natalie Pascarella, 5th Grade student

From parents to administrators, BW Creations has gained supportive fans, like Stephanie Esek, a parent of one of BW's team members. "I think the student run podcast is an innovative learning and communication tool. The kids work together to make each podcast a success. From thoughtful interview questions to post production editing, the students are a collaborative unit. The podcast also helps my son, who is a fully remote student, stay connected with his peers. Even though he is not physically in the school building, my son knows that he is a valued member of the team.”

I'm so proud of the work that BW Creations is doing. It has been a difficult year, but [they] have been very resilient and creative with the business.~ Dr. Peretin (BWSD Director of Innovation)

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