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Since the first EdCorp launched in 2015, we’ve worked with hundreds of classrooms using entrepreneurship as a vehicle for real world learning. Across that K-12 spectrum, classrooms in over 40 states have used the EdCorps platform to start a student-run business and connect student learning to the world in radically authentic ways. 


Whether it’s a vegetable seed shop that doubles as an earth science project or a student-run marketing firm that allows young people to sharpen their communication skills,  the entrepreneurial learning experience allows students to learn more about themselves, each other, the world, and their own entrepreneurial mindset and skillset.

Sd Lip Balm (1).jpeg


...creating products inspired by the local community 

As the name implies, this student-run business makes lip balms inspired by local San Diego businesses and culture. Students work closely with their clients –coffee shops, surf shops, and spas  –through several rounds of feedback  to produce products that reflect each business's unique brand. And the best part? Not only are students building meaningful relationships with others in the community, they’re donating ten percent of each sale to a local organization working to keep Southern California beaches clean.

The EdCorps Program 


E-commerce Dashboard

Students run an e-commerce business under our non-profit umbrella.


Entrepreneurial Toolkits

Students utilize 20+ toolkits to guide their business each step of the way.


Program Support

We're here to provide technical support and take care of the scary things, like sales tax. 


Community Support 

Support from teachers and mentors across the nation to guide success.



Opportunities for seed funding to classes starting and running business. 

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