It’s Time
to recognize that educators are the solution, not the problem.
to unleash students as changemakers in their communities.
to recognize that the innovation economy isn’t coming; it’s here.
It’s Time

We know that learning happens when people feel connected – to their interests, to their community, and to each other.  At Real World Scholars, we’re committed to building the technology needed to make those connections – and authentic learning experiences – happen.

Using entrepreneurship as a
force for learning

Since 2015,  we’ve supported over 500 student-run businesses in 34 states, each a vehicle for real world entrepreneurship and 21st century learning. 

From kindergarten classes running seed shops to engineering classes making furniture, the EdCorps platform provides the flexibility to transform any classroom into an authentic learning experience.

It takes a village

 At Real World Scholars, we’re always tinkering on challenges that stifle real world learning. We work with people on the ground to create solutions that can work for young people in communities around the country.  Jump into The Lab to see what we’re working on, share feedback or ideas, and help us build what’s next.

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