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Welcoming a New Partner: OtterCares Foundation

We’re starting 2022 strong as we welcome a new partner to the EdCorps Community!

The OtterCares Foundation, the new sponsor of the San Diego EdCorps Community and classrooms in Northern Colorado, is now a partner in supporting hands-on youth entrepreneurship.

The partnership supports 17 classroom-run businesses in the San Diego region and beyond, from elementary through high school, and in 12 different school districts. This year’s cohort is still navigating the woes of a global pandemic, yet students haven’t let that stop them from seeking out real world learning opportunities.

Aaron Grable, web design teacher from El Camino High School in Oceanside and educator behind 25 Designs, says his “students [are] calling businesses, going to businesses, networking, and being creative about how they manage their clients. It’s really starting to click and I feel like they’re finally beginning to understand [the] opportunity.”

The San Diego EdCorps community was started with the first student-run business back in 2015 (shout out Wicked Soap Company!), but has since given way to over 120 student-run businesses across the region, from Oceanside to Sweetwater. Classrooms have used hands-on entrepreneurial learning to create dozens of diverse products – like butterfly kits, handcrafted boats, compost bins, and upcycled clothing – all while engaging in core learning.

Last year’s cohort included businesses like the Feel Good Co., run from a third grade class at High Tech High Chula Vista. Students learned about self love and created Feel Good Boxes, which included items sourced from other businesses that would support self care. Not only did students learn how to better care for themselves, they learned how to bring that idea to life for their community. Our hope was that this project would empower our students to do just that: radically love themselves and teach their community how they can also radically love themselves," said EdCorps educator Candice Arancibia.

(Learn more about the Feel Good Co here.)

The OtterCares Foundation inspires students to become entrepreneurs and philanthropists who create lasting and impactful change in their communities.

“Entrepreneurship, innovation and philanthropy are the guiding principles that created Otter Products over 20 years go and continue to guide the business today. The OtterCares Foundation strives to support programs and projects that ignite these principles in young people, inspiring them to be the makers, doers and givers of tomorrow who will make our world better and brighter through the creation of innovative products and services, launching ethical businesses and being compassionate life-long givers. We’re extremely excited to be partnering with RWS and cannot wait to see what businesses students come up with!”

~Linda Crum, Executive Director of The OtterCares Foundation

With The OtterCares Foundation as the first sponsor of our San Diego and Northern Colorado Communities, we look forward to bringing even more empowering learning opportunities to students across these regions.

Interested in learning more about bringing EdCorps to your K-12 class or school? Contact us to learn more here.

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