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GONZALES, LA: Student nonprofit using business to support their community

Updated: May 16, 2022

Started in 2018, 3Donationz – run by students from Gonzales, LA – has been on a roll ever since. The student-run non-profit, which is a collaboration between Dutchtown Middle and Gonzales Middle School, is on a mission to “create unique products to raise awareness of global issues with innovation, imagination, and originality through design, development, and distribution.” This means these students are always creating new products that raise awareness about important global issues! Running their business as a non-profit organization, students use their products, profits, and time to support causes they care about and educate others as to how they can make a difference. Learn more in the slideshows below!

Check out the slideshows below to learn more about #3Donationz and how they've grown a well established organization that services their community.

(View the student submission here)

Learn more about what these student entrepreneurs are up to on their website:

And follow them on social media at:

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