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When Compliments Become Something More

“When someone is feeling down, we can pick them up with a compliment.” -Member of Kind Kids Compliments

Kind Kids Compliments began with students creating rip-off compliment sheets to hang around our elementary school. The idea was that students and staff members could grab a compliment for themselves or give to someone else as they walked through the halls. The compliments were ripped off so frequently that students had trouble keeping up with the demand for their compliments. They were so excited that they were being used.

“We hope when they see a message it inspires them to do acts of kindness.” -Member of Kind Kids Compliments

From that project came the idea behind our EdCorp, Kind Kids Compliments. Students wanted to spread their compliments in other ways and on a larger scale. We started discussing our goals and mission and I was amazed by what students came up with on their own. We then brainstormed product ideas and agreed upon making keychains, necklaces, and magnets with personalized compliments.

As production began, students took on specific roles in the business. Some students developed compliments while others produced and designed necklaces, keychains, and magnets. One student even stepped up and became the Production Manager. He checked all compliments and gave the production team constructive feedback. He acted with patience and kindness and earned the respect of his peers.

With the help of our District Technology Integrator Michael Drezek, we built our website We launched our website and hosted our very first in-person selling event all in the same week. What an amazing experience! Students even came back to school at night for our Science Fair event and on their day off at our Digital Citizenship Summit. Since then, we’ve been busy fulfilling orders!

Recently, a teacher in our building came in to do a lesson and was wearing one of our keychains on her lanyard. Students were so excited to see someone wearing a product that they had created. One student quickly said, “I made that compliment!” The smile was breathtaking!

When choosing a charity to donate profits to, students researched local charities and conducted conference calls with the two finalists. In the end, students have decided to donate profits to a local charity, Community Concern of Derby, New York, which works with our school district to support our students and families. Kind Kids Compliments has been able to get so much done in just a few short months, can’t wait to see what’s next!

“Compliments… make people smile and happy. They make people feel confident. If people feel insecure about themselves, like not pretty, our ‘You’re Beautiful’ compliment helps them feel better.” -Member of Kind Kids Compliments

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