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Working From Home: How One Student’s Basement Became Production Headquarters

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

This year, the students behind BW Creations made the adjustment that many classrooms had to make – virtual learning and working from home. Except rather than having class from home, they had a student-run business to manage.

At the beginning of the year, students designed orders using Creative Studio, a software that powers sublimation design. Their teacher, Mrs. Frohliger, would use the sublimation printer to print the designs and send them back to students to heat press at home. Once January came, it was time for students to take the process into their own hands. Excited to take on this responsibility, Delaney, a sixth grade student in class, stepped up and transformed space in her basement into a home office.

When the students need a design printed, they just tell Delaney. She prints the image, gathers the materials needed for production and packaging, and delivers it all to other students. From there, the students can continue the process and make products from their own homes.

''I love making the projects! Having the printer at home lets me help our business and still be able to do my school work at home.'' ~Delaney

Delaney created her own workspace to take on a new role for the business. She works the printer and organizes the orders with ease. I love hearing her on business calls sharing her ideas and brainstorming with her fellow business partners. Her dedication to BW Creations amazes me! - Delaney's Mother

Equipping other students with everything they need means remembering the specifics for each product and what type of packaging goes with that item. This isn’t an easy task for a working professional, let alone a sixth grade student. Her teacher says, “Having the sublimation printer and products at Delaney's house has let BW Creations become a fully student-run business again for the 2nd half of this school year. It has almost entirely removed me, the teacher, from the operations for this business.”

To learn more about this student-run business and check out their products, visit

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