An emerging model: educators and students connect with people in the community to solve local problems, work on real projects, and develop critical skills. Educators who utilize this approach say they could never go back to imaginary problem-solving. The challenge? Finding the right partners and developing relationships can be time-consuming and therefore out-of-reach for some educators.

The Situation:

All over the country, educators are moving towards more authentic problem solving that allows their students to engage in real world learning while investing in the community around them. The challenge is that there is no easy way to find these partners who want to engage with students, and educators don’t have time to cold call, looking for partners.

Our best guess:

A match-making platform that connects educators with community members in an easy and accessible way that encourages equitable partnership and authentic relationship-building between the school community and the broader community.

Update (November 2018):

The platform has been renamed EdHarmony to better embody the value we hope to bring: sparks of connection. We are currently in R + D and are looking to validate the idea by gathering interest from both educators and community members who are interested in working together to engage students in real learning opportunities in their community.

We are currently looking for thought partners who have done relevant work, ground game partners who would benefit from a platform like EdHarmony, and funding partners. If you would like to learn more or voice your support for us turning this idea into a reality, check out the website!

Update (March 2018):

We’re building a platform that will help connect educators with community members that want to collaborate. We are still exploring match-making criteria and ways to support both stakeholders through a totally scalable platform. We’re looking for ideas on how we can support authentic connection between diverse community stakeholders.

Additionally, we are looking for communities to pilot the platform in the 2018-2019 school year. If you have ideas about how this could work in your community, let us know!

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