We can't sit still.

We’re always researching and rethinking the way we do business. What we do tomorrow rarely looks like what we did today. Whether it’s a new idea or just a new iteration, we are always dreaming, scheming, and experimenting with ways that we can do this work better. Want to join the ideation process? Jump in The Lab and check out what we’re noodling on.

Here’s what’s
brewing in the
The Lab


Entrepreneurship provides a unique opportunity for students to engage in an iterative learning process with real world connections and learning experiences. Unfortunately, existing systems and traditional school accounting have inhibited students from running enterprises from the classroom. We had some ideas about how to change that.

EdTV Live

Imagine if every educator had the space and opportunity to share their unique talents and grow in a vibrant learning community that inspired and empowered them. We’re trying to make that a reality.

Shipping Rubric

Across the country, educators are helping their students ship their work into the world as a way to make meaningful connection and cultivate creative confidence. Four years in, it’s time we put on our thinking caps and craft a shipping framework for student learning. Wanted: all deep thinkers ready to craft something new and widely applicable.