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…at the heart of the Steel City, Pittsburgh has always embodied ingenuity, creativity, and a commitment to hard work.  Within the Greater Pittsburgh EdCorps Community, dozens of student-run businesses are proving this to still be true today.  Across Southwest PA, thousands of students are using entrepreneurship to put their creativity to work, address local challenges, and develop the entrepreneurial mindset. From screen printing shops to handcrafted stuffed animals, classrooms are running real businesses to gain valuable learning experiences and make the world a better place.

EdCorps has given my students and I purpose to our work every day in the classroom. Students think critically, problem solve, and uncover their abilities to do important work. ~Jennifer Salzmann, Pittsburgh City Schools


Partners + Collaborators

The Pittsburgh EdCorps Community embodies a vibrant ecosystem of brilliant students and brave teachers, industry partners and community members, small businesses and community foundations – all working together to grow the entrepreneurial spirit of young people throughout the region.

As a member of the Remake Learning Network, we believe in the power of innovation in education. The spirit of this thrives well in this region, and we are proud to be a part of it.

Whether you’re an educator looking to bring entrepreneurship into your classroom, an individual looking to mentor student entrepreneurs in your community, or a foundation or organization looking to support EdCorps growth in the region, we’d love to hear from you. 



The EdCorps Community

Eagle Street Marketplace
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The (iSH) Co.
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Phillips Green Machines
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BW Creations
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Center Grows
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Holiday Park Makers Club
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Productive Panthers
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Shameless Audacity
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TJ3D Store
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Frazier Family Farm
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Sublimation Creations
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Quality Cre8tions
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Eagle Pride Productions
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Hampton Creates
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Parkway Welding & Fab
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Golden Oaks Designs
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Hargus Creek Designs
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The Squad Online
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Flameworks Studio
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See what people are
saying about us

Cara Bates

Educator & Founder of EdCorps Productive Panthers, Austin Area School District

Building the EdCorp was a cross-curricular experience. We were able to address content across many subject areas and grade levels while building the EdCorps.

Lance Benteler

Principal, Ramsey Elementary, Mt. Pleasant School District

I've noticed the students are excited to come to school. The Edcorps businesses have promoted community involvement, peer collaboration, problem-solving, time and money management.

Sarah McCarty

Educator & Founder of EdCorps Jeweliful, Beth-Center Middle School

Doing community events is a great place for students to grow and share. People love a good story and to hear about student-run businesses.

Lesa Trebor


I was truly overwhelmed to see how hard a 5th-grade class was working on their businesses. They seem very excited to be giving some proceeds to good causes. I have taken my daughter to selling venues and I have been so incredibly proud to watch her interacting with people and how proud she appears to be selling their products. Emma has definitely matured mentally and emotionally.

Jennifer Salzmann

Educator & Founder of EdCorps Phillips Green Machines, Pittsburgh City Schools

I love when students spontaneously encourage and celebrate each other. Slowly, I’m seeing these students come out of their shell, being more willing to try things, being more responsible and not blowing things off, while working together. These experiences have been the most rewarding aspects of building the EdCorp.

Tricia Brancolini

Executive Director, Handmade Arcade

Translating the process of making to actually selling one’s products is not easy. The EdCorps experience gives these dedicated young people of Southwest PA a path to rise to the challenge!


Student in EdCorps Heroes with Heart

EdCorps was so much fun! I can’t wait to do it again.

Megan Smith

Educator & Founder of EdCorps The (iSH) Co., Elizabeth Forward High School

The students are growing as confident community members with the passion to give back to local organizations. I could not be more proud of their hard work and dedication to their EdCorps business.

Nathan Pfeiffer

Educator & Founder of Holiday Park Makers Co., Plum School District

I have had numerous parents tell me how much their child talks about the EdCorps at home, which is not usually the case at this age where 6th-grade students won't talk about anything that they did at school.

Kermit P. Foor IV

Former EdCorps Student from The Hidden Exit

I’m now in college, and as a future Technology Education teacher, I hope that one day I will be able to integrate EdCorps into my classroom and make an impact on students the same way it did for me.

JR Pilyih

Educator & Founder of EdCorps Center Grows, Center Elementary., Plum School District

Through EdCorps, I realized how important it is to connect the learning that goes on inside the classroom with the outside world.

5th-grade Student

from EdCorps Pop-It Designs, Ramsay Elementary, Mt. Pleasant School District

My favorite part about EdCorps was being able to run a business so young.

Larry Sutton

Educator & Founder of EdCorps Frazier Family Farm, Frazier School District

EdCorps has added real life connections to the STEM concepts being developed with my students.

5th-grade Student

from EdCorps Small Town Studios, Mt. Pleasant School District

My favorite part of the EdCorp was seeing peoples’ joyful faces receiving the product. I’m proud of the whole fifth grade and how well we worked together.

Jamie Forshey

Educator & Founder of EdCorps The Hidden Exit, Bellwood-Antis School District

The EdCorps has further reinforced the need to place students in real world situations.

Kristy Frohliger

Educator & Founder of EdCorps Pop-It Designs, Ramsay Elementary, Mt. Pleasant School District

The students loved that our community, Mt. Pleasant, seemed to embrace the student-run business, and they liked hearing people talk about it in town. It was such a positive experience for these students.

Michelle David

Educator & Founder of EdCorps Small Town Studios, Mt. Pleasant School District

My students are more easily engaged in class activities and confident in their abilities thanks to EdCorps. They are excited to come to school and say that the business is the best part of their school day. The students have really become a team!


4th grader from EdCorps Phillips Green Machines, Phillips Elementary, Pittsburgh City Schools

Now I feel very calm and helpful when talking to people because of EdCorps.

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