By chance, on purpose

The way school’s structured makes it really tough for teachers to get the support they need to succeed. They spend most of their day in one classroom, in one building, in one town, and they don’t have extra time before or after school for networking. EdTV Live creates space for educators to find other educators who have shared interests and goals — who they haven’t met yet — to build meaningful relationships and make collaborative magic happen.

Where learning goes to thrive

Today’s educators are expected to create vibrant, authentic learning environments for their students, yet they’re expected to grow and improve as professionals based on antiquated, inadequate professional development trainings. How does this make any sense? It doesn’t. Teachers need space where they can continue growing as professionals and people. Leveraging short videos self-shot from smartphones, EdTV Live makes it easy and fast for teachers to find others with similar interests, ask questions, get answers, share learnings, test ideas, and build relationships that celebrate their unique interests, expertise, and super powers.

Dive Deeper
There are a lot of great teachers at my school that have creative lessons and interactive activities for their students. Having a platform like EdTV Live is a way that I can recognize their hard work and creativit
Zach Hilbers, teacher