By chance, on purpose

The structure of school makes it tough for teachers to get the support they need to succeed. They spend most of their day in one classroom, in one building, in one town, and they don’t have extra time before or after school for networking. EdSpace creates space for educators to find other educators who have shared interests and goals — who they haven’t met yet — to build meaningful relationships and make collaborative magic happen.

Educators are expected to create vibrant, authentic learning environments for their students – and they’re supposed to figure out how to do it without training or communal support. How does this make any sense? It doesn’t.

Teachers need space where they can continue growing as professionals and people. Leveraging live video and social connectivity, EdSpace makes it easy for educators to ask questions, get answers, share learnings, test ideas, and build relationships that celebrate their unique interests, expertise, and superpowers.

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Zach Hilbers


There are a lot of great teachers at my school that have creative lessons and interactive activities for their students. Having a platform like EdSpace is a way that I can recognize their hard work and creativity.

Ericka Mabion


I believe this is the beginning of something revolutionary for our current teachers and those new to the profession.

Saras Chung

Nonprofit Leader

I think there's great value on this platform as a place to get new ideas and spark creativity. There are a lot of forums and blogs online that already have resources for teachers to get new ideas, but I like that this 1.) isn't time consuming for teachers sharing content, and 2.) is pushing for building community by tapping into communities that already exist (schools, organizations, conferences) and then expanding from there.

Grant Knowles


Some of the best PD of my career has been from the last few months with video. I couldn’t be more onboard [with EdSpace]

Patti Andreolas


I love how you cater to both the introverted types of teachers, as well as the teachers that love to share their talents LIVE. I really believe this will be an incredible resource for all teachers whether they are new or more seasoned educators