A rising tide that floats all boats

Every day, communities around the country aren’t operating at full capacity. And every conversation about making the community a better place is missing out on the energy, insights, and experiences that young people bring with them. From Cedar Rapids to Kansas City, students are partnering with local businesses and community organizations to build meaningful relationships and add their brilliance to the collective genius helping communities thrive.

Give. Take. Flourish.

Educators are constantly on the hunt for ways to challenge their students and connect what happens in the classroom with the world beyond the classroom. Businesses, nonprofits, volunteer organizations — professionals of all stripes are never satisfied with where they are. There’s always work to be done, ways to improve, opportunities to better serve others. It seems obvious: educators and non-educators should collaborate, but they often don’t. EdHarmony starts with the key to it all: the people. By connecting educators and non-educators, EdHarmony equips educators, students, businesspeople, and communities to thrive, together.

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Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.
John Dewey