Partnering with Us

“I want to apply for a grant to run EdCorp in my classroom.”

Every year, we provide more than 100 classrooms with free licenses to the EdCorps Dashboard and grant dollars needed to run a business in their classroom. Applications for these grant seats open in March and are typically announced in April. If you’re interested in applying for a grant to run an EdCorp in your classroom, check out the frequently asked questions or jump right into the application! 

 “My school is interested in purchasing a license to run an EdCorp.


You want to run a business in your classroom or school – awesome! While we do have grant seats (read: free), they’re limited. If your school or district is interested in purchasing a one-year license to run an EdCorp (i.e. e-commerce dashboard, actionable curriculum, community resources and support), you can learn more about that here or schedule a call to learn more. 

“I want to help bring the EdCorps platform to my community.”


We work with community rockstars to bring the entrepreneurial learning experiences to students around the country. If you’re fired up by the potential and want to find ways to bring the EdCorps platform to your community, we want to help you do it. Use the Community Starter Kit to activate your community or schedule a call with someone from the RWS team to talk more. 

“I work in philanthropy and want to learn more about partnering with RWS.”

The EdCorps framework is flexible and can promote a wide range of authentic learning experiences. Whether you’re supporting workforce readiness or social issues like food security or environmental issues, the EdCorps experience can be a powerful catalyst for learning. 

If you want to learn more about how we partner with sponsors, see the Harbor Freight EdCorps Case Study or schedule a call. 

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