If not now, when?

Millions of students go to school in this country, and far too many of them run the risk of falling through the cracks and missing out on the opportunity to discover what they’re capable of. That’s why we work to build tools that create new realities for young people. We don’t have all the answers. But this work can’t wait any longer.


Four years ago, we asked ourselves a question. What if students were given the time, money, and space to explore real world entrepreneurship in the classroom? And not just any classroom, but every classroom? The EdCorps platform was our first attempt at reimagining school. A dozen bad ideas later, a platform was developed for young people to run real businesses from their classrooms.

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Day after day, teachers do incredible work to serve young people, often without the support of a community that can help them flourish. But what if things were different? Imagine if teachers could build strong relationships with one another and have ongoing chances to upskill. EdTV Live is virtual space for educators where they can connect, reflect, and grow as the professionals they are.

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Give & Take Project

For Give & Take Project, we have one goal: make it easier for educators to ditch pretend problems and silly scenarios and begin connecting students with real people and challenges in their community. Through match-making technology, educators can find partners beyond the school building, enrolling students in solving real challenges that businesses and organizations face.

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Katie Martin, Ph.D.

Director of District Learning,
Buck Institute for Education

"RWS has created a movement that can change how students learn in school. Through EdCorps, teachers are reimagining traditional curriculum to integrate content and build on the strengths and passions of diverse learners. Starting and maintaining a business requires students have a deep understanding of core content, while also allowing them to develop necessary skills for the world of work and entrepreneurship. It has been amazing to see how empowered and inspired both students and teachers are to work on authentic projects and learn together to grow and improve their businesses."

Grant Lichtman

Author of Moving the Rock: Seven Levers WE Can
Press to Transform Education, and #EdJourney: A
Roadmap to the Future of Education

"Nothing positions our students better to tackle their future in a rapidly changing world than an education that actually gives them experience learning in the real world. Real World Scholars is a powerful new force in breaking the outdated, artificial boundary between "school" and "world", and building powerful partnerships amongst students, teachers, and a wealth of valuable community learning resources."

Jamie Rosenberg

Founder/CEO ClassWallet

"Real World Scholars is on the forefront of where our education system needs to be - marrying core curriculum with real world activities that excite and engage children in fun and stimulating ways. What better way to do that than helping them be real life business owners, which requires a command of several core topics from math to writing and team building. ClassWallet is excited to partner with Real World Scholars and help to scale their mission."

Elliot Washor, Ed.D.

Co-Founder Big Picture Learning

"Real World Scholars taps into the collective interests and passions of students and staff igniting and engaging them around what they are learning through the actual start-up and sustainability of a real business. This student entrepreneurial platform enables schools to let the outside in, and the inside out. It is amazing to watch students and staff switch on. RWS is changing the landscape of education at scale."

Kaleb Rashad

Director High Tech High

"More than ever, we need to teach kids how to create jobs, not find them. ENTER: Real World Scholars! We were STOKED to connect with them and bring entrepreneurial education to life in our school. High Tech High has used project based learning as a central vehicle for learning since its inception. RWS serves as our key thought partner, instigator/collaborator, funder for many of our projects & products, designer of the financial infrastructure, and our general champion of entrepreneurship."

Dr. Eric Williams

Superintendent Loudoun School District

The single most important change that needs to occur in education is the further engagement of students in authentic, challenging work. Web-based, student-led businesses, such as those supported by Real World Scholars and the EdCorps framework, constitute a powerful means of engaging students in authentic challenging work."

Dr. Yong Zhao

Professor & Author University of Kansas

"The Real World Scholars team has created an outstanding solution for implementing Product-Oriented Learning (POL) in the everyday classroom to prepare entrepreneurial talents. POL starts with students identifying problems worth solving, working on creative solutions with feedback from peers, teachers, and eventually marketing their solutions."