Across the country, educators are helping their students ship their work into the world as a way to make meaningful connection and cultivate creative confidence. Four years in, it’s time we put on our thinking caps and craft a shipping framework for student learning. Wanted: all deep thinkers ready to craft something new and widely applicable.

The Situation:

Since we launched the EdCorps platform, educators around the country have been brave enough to integrate the entrepreneurial process into their classroom. We know that the shipping process (i.e., exposing one’s work to others in a way that evokes ownership and invites feedback) is rich with wildly potent learning opportunities, yet there has been no framework that educators can use to integrate these activities in a more comprehensive way.

Our best guess:

Without becoming overly prescriptive, we propose crafting a framework/rubric that helps empower and inform the role of shipping in the learning process.

Update (March 2018)

While we’ve begun formulating concepts around a Shipping Framework/Rubric, we are looking for thought partners to help us explore the learned value of shipping and ultimately craft a framework that can help other educators integrate these entrepreneurial practices into the classroom.