Imagine if every educator had the space and opportunity to share their unique talents and grow in a vibrant learning community that inspired and empowered them. We’re trying to make that a reality.

The Situation:

Most teachers are overworked, underappreciated, and without the space and opportunity to connect with other educators and develop in their craft. They’re leaving the profession in droves, and schools are struggling to support them.

Our Best Guess:

If we create space for random collisions and hidden superpowers, then teachers will meet and reignite their profession from the inside. This idea isn’t random – instead, it’s informed by learnings and conversations with educators all over the country. We know that educators need more opportunities to ship their ideas, learn on their own terms, and grow in community with others. We also know that they need a solution that won’t add time or headaches to their lives. Enter EdSpace, a digital platform designed to support educators and leaders who want to grow as professionals.


We’re building a video-based professional social network for educators. Educators sign up, choose which channels they see, create and watch 3-minute video posts in those channels, meet people from those channels, and communicate with each other the entire time. Development begins March 2018.