Elves Breaking + Entering

6th graders sort of already resemble elves – hard working, obsessed with new toys, and lots of energy. But there’s an exceptional group of 6th graders at Vista Innovation and Design Academy (VIDA) in Vista, CA who are embracing the elf-way and helping a family in a time of need while spreading holiday cheer!

Breaking and Entering

After researching several local charities, the students of VIDA Connect, run by teacher Christain Ludwig, voted to partner with Solutions for Change, an organization whose mission is to solve family homelessness.

After connecting with Solutions for Change, VIDA Connect was chosen to sneak into a house in order furnish and decorate, or as the program calls it – breaking and entering (in a completely legal way!). The “breaking and entering” program helps make a house, feel like a home for a formerly homeless community member to move into.

The students reached out to the community for donations asking for everything from dryer sheets to gingerbread houses. They had an overwhelming response and filled ALL of the donation requests within 3 days.


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The VIDA Sharks went with a certain theme for this children’s room…

The students are a part of making the holidays for these families all the better in the most fun, positive and encouraging way. Many of these families are transitioning into their new home, with nothing.

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The organizers of the Breaking and Entering program said the VIDA decorated apartment was “one of the best” they’ve seen!

“Our VIDA family is truly extraordinary. When we come together anything is possible. We were able to give a family in need a wonderful holiday. We hope we can make this a VIDA tradition.” – Arilynn, 6th grade Student of VIDA Connect.

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These students (and teacher!) are all smiles while breaking and entering!.

Check out VIDA Connect at vidaconnect.org and on twitter @VIDA_Connect 



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