Arrowhead Music: An Entrepreneurial Journey

Kristi Ochs imagined that her music students could create a holiday CD featuring their angelic voices. Then opportunity arrived when she became an EdCorp founder. She purchased equipment and technology to support her vision, but she had never done anything like this before. With the help of a former student, Laura, who had majored in music technology and sound production, they put a plan into action. Using the classroom iPads, 5th-grade students would be able to record, edit, and produce music.

When production day rolled around, it wasn’t all easy. Laura could only give two days of her time to the project, so Kristi planned one day for recording and another day for editing. The technology was challenging, but together with the students they got through it and completed both days. It was fast-paced, but the hustle had only just begun as the students had to switch gears from being musicians and producers to being entrepreneurs. They already had 70 pre-orders for the CD through word-of-mouth. And, with a “red carpet premiere” community event approaching, the students got busy burning CD’s, creating labels, and packaging their product.

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The night of the premiere, the red carpet was rolled out complete with local media interviews. Two hundred community members enjoyed student performances, and Kristi looked on with pride as her students displayed leadership skills and managed the responsibilities of the evening. The next few weeks were even more exciting as the orders poured in. There were incredible obstacles to overcome between equipment and logistics, but they managed to fulfill every order on time. The students kept a chart in the hallway tracking their every sale. The result was an astounding 400 CD’s sold for a total of $3,000. With their profits, they were able to purchase 25 ukuleles for their music classroom.  

“I was astonished how much the students could accomplish. They were able to rise to the occasion and carry out tasks that I thought were well above them as fifth graders. This business was very gratifying for me as an educator.” ~Kristi Ochs. 

Check out the infographic above for highlights from the Arrowhead Music journey.

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