Using Business as a Force for Learning .

Meet Khaleb.

Khaleb entered his first grade class reserved and disengaged. He struggled and often sat alone. When his class began to write a book, Khaleb began to draw. He soon found his place in the business as the resident artist. Classmates recognized his skills and began to celebrate him as a valuable part of the business and classroom community. He embraced this new role with confidence and signed his new name, Khaleb, the Artist.

EdCorps: Beyond Business

There’s power in connection. When students connect to the world outside the classroom, when educators find new resources and people to collaborate with, when classrooms around the country work together, a new reality becomes possible. Educators and young people tell us over and over again: in a world starved for meaningful relationships, the most valuable thing we provide is the opportunity to work, learn, and grow with other people. So whenever possible, we do just that.
The EdCorps Experience

e-commerce dashboard

The backbone of the EdCorps experience, the dashboard allows each classroom to run an e-commerce business, with the support of built-in curricular resources, programmatic support, community forums, and financial management.

Toolkits + Funding Bonuses

Hands-on toolkits have been designed to support the business-building process. Each toolkit includes collaborative brainstorming, iterative development, solo reflection, and community connection. When toolkits are completed, classes unlock funding bonuses to grow their business further.

Programmatic Support

Sales tax, URLs, technical support – that’s what we do. We handle the operational stuff so teachers can focus on the student experience. 

Community Connection

Connection is key when it comes to starting a student-run business. Whether it’s connecting with selling events in your community or other educators doing similar work across the country, we’re here to help orchestrate and organize exciting opportunities for you and your students. 

* Localized community support may be dependent on region and grants/partnerships. 

Seed Funding

This funding can be used for startup costs – including product development, marketing materials, and/or classroom equipment. Funding is provided directly to each classroom through a third-party platform called ClassWallet, which gives teachers the ability to get what they need, when they need it.

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