Finding your Cause through Community Connections

Running a business is hard. Running a business with 4-year-olds is a whole different ball game. Alexandria Cunningham, a teacher at University Charter School, did not shy away from the opportunity to get her class of little ones engaged, empowered, and experimenting in a different way.  

Alexandria thought bath bombs would be a great product for her class. The Pre K students were pumped and after collecting feedback from families, decided to name their business Blazer Bombs. Alexandria knew how important community connections would be to the success of the EdCorp.

Bringing old connections to a new business

Through her studies at the University of West Alabama, Alexandria knew Michele Hagood, a local natural soap shop owner. Michele was excited about the idea of working with the students and making bath bombs but also excited for personal reasons. Karl, her husband, suffers from epilepsy, so working with young students, teaching them about a passion of his, would be a very good use of his time.

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Students experiment with different essential oil scents for their bath bombs with Karl Hagood!

Finding the Epilepsy Foundation   

The class did research about Epilepsy and found out how it affects so many people as well as children.  

The class plans on donating a third of their profits to the Epilepsy Foundation. If they have extra profits, they would like to do something nice for Karl directly…and of course, save some for the business!  

My students absolutely love Karl, they call him the scientist or bath bomb teacher. My students this year really take care of one another and enjoy helping others. They were excited to give back. One student made the comment that “we’re working so that we won’t be broke.” Although this was a funny comment, I look at broken as being broken in spirit. Giving back to others is our main goal and ultimately lifts their spirits and ours. – Alexandria Cunningham

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Not only are the Hagoods volunteering their time, but they agreed to also sell the Blazer Bombs product in their store, KC Soaps for life AND make introductions to other local vendors in the market.


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