Applying for the Job

The job search – we’ve all been through it. As adults, communicating your strengths, finding the right role, and dealing with rejection is no joke. So what happens when 4th graders are applying for roles within their student-run business?

Paula Macy is the founder of two EdCorps in Nixa, MO. Charmed creates hand-made quality accessories and Cutting Edge Kids designs and makes t-shirt and drawstring bags.

Both companies require different roles to be filled. Paula selected these roles by making a list of jobs that needed to be done in order for the businesses to run successfully. She discussed the jobs with the students and came up with the team roles. Each student will get to experience different roles, but she had the students who wanted to be supervisors apply and interview.

She wanted this experience to be useful, authentic, and real. She created an application template for the 4th graders to use.

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“The students liked filling out the applications. They enjoyed showcasing their ‘past experiences, ’persuading me they were the best person for the job. They also liked determining the roles important to running a business.” – Paula Macy

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“I am creative. I can tie bows. I like to craft.”

Charlotte, a 4th grader believes she would be a great fit as a product designer because of her “creative mind.”

In reflecting on the process, Paula said next time, she will have the students go through an interview process, in addition to asking the director of human resources of their school visit the class and talk all things jobs!

Paula assigned the roles based on the students’ strengths, and almost everyone got the job they applied for!  She implemented a job rotation in order to expose the students to various roles within the company. Both businesses are running smoothly and students are excited about the opportunity.

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